miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011


Why can't I fucking grow a pair?
Why can't I tell you everything I feel/think/want to say?
Why can't I say what bothers me? What delights me?

I wasn't this way...I used to really speak up, even if I might look agressive...I just...speak my mind.

It's just...different.
Most of times I can't explain myself. I can't really know what i'm doing or feeling.

The only thing I know is that I put a shield really quickly when I meet someone.
After you put your heart out so many times...it just hurts. And i'm not just talking about relationships, i'm talking about friendship as well.
People really don't give a fuck.
Most people just stop caring after a period of time.
I admit I have been part of that sometimes, but I don't like it...I mean...I like people, even if they suck. Even if they don't care.

I like being friendly, I adore making people happy.
I'm sooooooooo shy.
And I mean...if I ran into The Joker on the street...he would be like...Why so serious?

Enough! Enough!

I'm quite a boring person. I don't really know what to talk about when i'm with someone. So many things can be on my mind, but nothing comes out of my mouth.

You know how people can be like...adoifhoadiufhnaeuriogeuirg and then i'm like...iushgoaidbgweirubfi and we can't really understand each other even if we speak the same language.

I've decided that i'm gonna take another course, and I hope life works out for the best. Things happen for a reason, good/bad i don't really know.

I need to take advantage of every single opportunity.

So...farewell my friend, see you, good-bye!

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